Welcome to Harlow's Labradors
Quality AKC Yellow, Black and Chocolate Labradors

Welcome to Harlow's Labrador Retrievers
Quality AKC Yellow, Black, andChocolate Labradors
Located in Riverside, CA. 

 AKC Yellow and Chocolate Labrador Retrievers


Quotes Hi Jennett-- Just wanted to let you see how our beautiful boys have gown! Carter, who has that little spot, is on the left. He is our big boy at 98 pounds. We call him our Gentle Giant - so calm and just unbelievable sweet. Hero, on the right, who was the littlest of the group, has grown to 76 pounds of fun and exuberance. He's always up for chasing balls! We call him our little man. They are our babies and have been such a wonderful addition to the family. I'll send you a pic when I take some shots with the kids as well! Thanks again, Karen Morewood Quotes
Karen Morewood
Carter and Hero - Sadie and Baron Litter

Quotes Went to Pismo Beach again last weekend. Aspen receives such wonderful compliments on his appearance. Many people stopped to admire him, pet him, and just say what a beautiful dog he is. One family who even breeds and raises chocolate labs said that he's a very solid, strong, and gorgeous lab. They stopped to inspect him. Was kinda funny at first! Quotes
From Aspen's Family

Quotes Jennett, I hope this picture brings you as much joy as Jake has brought us. Thanks again, The Dyts Quotes
Jake checking in on his 1st birthday
Sadie's litter

Quotes We are enjoying every minute with him!!! Rick and Dani Tillman Quotes
Rookie checking in on his 1st Birthday!

Quotes Hi Jennett, I just wanted to check in with you and let you know that Molly is doing GREAT! She is a very good dog, and a quick learner. A little stubborn at times, but nothing major. We've made a lot of progress on teaching her commands and tricks, and most importantly teaching her that she doesn't need to put her mouth on people :) That was probably the hardest one to get past. As of last Saturdays vet visit, Molly weighs 35lbs, and is in great health. We go back this weekend for another round of boosters, and then she's good until her 6 mos. mark when she gets her rabies vaccination. She is a very social girl, loves kids and people. Haven't let her have any free time with other dogs yet, but the slight mingling she's done with the dogs in the neighborhood has gone well, and I'm sure she's going to do fine. Needless to say, Molly is very loved and even more spoiled. We couldn't be happier with our new family member :) Take care and we'll be in touch again soon! Eric Pedroza Quotes
Sadie's litter 2012
Molly is Checking in from San Diego

Quotes Hi Jennett, Just wanted to let you know the new puppy is doing great. She already has acclimated to the family dynamic that we have here and is very comfortable and has completely taken over the house...Jen says as women should, LOL. My kids absolutely love the puppy and were so surprised that my 16 year old daughter kept asking when we surprised them on Xmas morning, is she ours, is she ours and starting crying she was so happy! It was an unforgettable Xmas moment for sure!! I hope you had a great Xmas with your family as well. Happy Holidays...Jack Elliott Quotes
Sadie's Litter December 2012

Quotes Jennett: This is just a note to tell you how happy we are with our puppy Sammy. She is an amazing dog and we all love her so much! She has been very easy to train and she was basically housebroken when we brought her home in April. She is such a fun addition to our family and I can't thank-you enough for the great care you provided to her before we brought her home. Attached is a recent picture of her with our boys. She loves her playmates! -Charlene Miller Quotes
Sadie's Litter February 2012

Quotes I am the happy owner of one of a Harlow?s Labrador Retrievers. Our puppy is named Koa Parker and is 15 weeks old now, very healthy, beautiful and VERY smart with an excellent temperament. I had a wonderful experience with this breeder. Great seller, great communication, very pleased. I will recommend this breeder to EVERYONE with NO hesitation!!!! Quotes
Martin & Helen
Sadies Litter 2012

Quotes Thank you again! He is a sweetheart! The Tillman Family Quotes
Sadie's Litter 2012

Quotes Hi Jennett, Just wanted to give you an update on Buddy his potty training is perfect no accidents yet. Also, have a private trainer and Buddy has learned the following commands stay, down, come, leave it and of course sit. He is the best puppy we have ever seen. My hubby broke down and now Buddy sleeps in our bed. He is doing great on car rides and loves to go on walks. We will send a Christmas picture for your family. Thank you again for being such a great breeder. Quotes
Josie Hensen
Buddy - Lacey's 2010 litter