Welcome to Harlow's Labradors
Quality AKC Yellow, Black and Chocolate Labradors

Welcome to Harlow's Labrador Retrievers
Quality AKC Yellow, Black, andChocolate Labradors
Located in Riverside, CA. 

 AKC Yellow and Chocolate Labrador Retrievers


Pictures of English Yellow Labrador puppies

May 17, 2015

Hi Jennett,

Just saying hi and hope you are doing well. The pics of Sadie's litter are killing me... So cute. We love our boys so much, they make us laugh everyday! Their personalities are so different. Gus (right) is our quiet, gentle one who is very eager to please. Tucker is our tank as he is kind of the clumsy, bull in a china shop guy and he is often getting in to trouble, but you can't help but turn around and laugh because he wags his tail the whole time and looks at you like, "what?". Thanks for such great guys, if I had the room... I'd take 10 more!!! When we walk them people will pull over in their cars just to say hi and how beautiful they are!

The Abramson's

February 17, 2015


Bailey is pretty amazing. He has such a great temperament. Doing well with training. We are crate training and has been out of his crate more than in and doing awesome. Loves people and now no longer fearful of waves. Still loves to chew but redirectable.  :)

Ernalyn Montgomery

February 21, 2015

Hi There

I just wanted to let you know that I am IN LOVE with our new puppy. I knew I was going to like him but I had no idea that I was going to LOVE him so. He is so sweet and so smart. He already knows his name, comes when we call him in the yard and knows "sit". He is so sweet and loving.

I took him for shots this week and the vet asked how big his parents were. Can you please remind me again. Everyone says he will be big:)

All good things
Charlotte and Ron.
February 15, 2015
Hi Jennett,

I can’t get over what a beautiful, wonderful, darling and well-adjusted pup Tango is!  He fussed a bit on the drive home, but has barely looked back since then.  It’s day 3, and he’s completely adjusted to his crate (goes in willingly and lays down) follows me on a leash easily, and already knows to go potty outside!  Obviously he’s not housebroken, but this morning he ran outside just to go potty.

We all love him, including Bella Boo who likes to stay close to Tango (and visa versa).  Bella Boo lays next to his crate when I crate him, which has helped immensely!

I was really bracing myself for how much Tango would chew, but it hasn't been bad at all.  He seems to prefer his chew toys or Bella Boo, to my clothes or the furniture.  Phew.  I’m also with him constantly, so I can correct him quickly whenever he chews on the wrong thing.

I do believe he is not just the perfect puppy, but the perfect puppy for us!

Thanks so much,


January 6, 2015

Hi Jennett,

Annabelle is getting big! She's so sweet. She made it through her first heat. She is such an amazing dog! I have to say, she has far surpassed our expectations. She is the sweetest, most lovable dog I have ever had. She caught a fish the other day. She was so proud of herself. The dog food and vitamins you recommended are amazing too. They have transformed our other dogs coats and overall health. We can't thank your enough! You have done an amazing thing for the breed. 

The Mackey Family

October 2014

Our family has a 4 year old son on the autism spectrum. He is non verbal, and has never truly had a friend. We got our lab, GiGi from Jennett about 2 months ago. This pup is incredible! She knows my son is "her boy", and my son loves his puppy. We are working with a professional dog trainer to train GiGi as an autism service dog. In 2 months, and at just 4 months old GiGi is hand signal trained, can perform duties of a certified service dog and has the temperament of a champion animal. She has even passed the "public outing" portion of her training, at 4 months old! Our trainer has shown dogs, and trained professionally for over 30 years, and GiGi's temperament is of the best she has ever seen. Autism service dogs cost over $15,000, and most of us can't afford that. I urge all parents with children on the autism spectrum to call Jennett because her dogs are made of the right stuff. Our son has never even liked a dog before (especially their smell, he also has SPD), but GiGi chose him, and he loves her so much that he had increased his tolerance. They even sleep together, and she keeps him from waking up at night! These are the best labs out there! Thank you so much to Jennett & her family of devoted professionals.

Kindest regards,
Brigitte Kruse MBA, AARE

Sonic at 18 weeks, Sadie and Baron pup
Lil Bear - 15 weeks - Kai' s pup

Here's Lil Bear and his new best friend DJ. Bear thinks he should take a bath with him.

Danny and Bonnie 

Flagstaff, AZ

Lil Bear - 15 weeks - Kai's pup

Hi Jennett,

Lily is doing great! Loving the beach life and being a spoiled only child. She is about 65 lbs, went through heat at 9 months and waiting for the swelling to go down to get spayed. She was unbelievably energetic until she went through heat, now she gets energy in spurts instead of constant movement. Here are a few pics of her (the one with the crown is to celebrate her first birthday)!

Alison Toma

Gina with one of the puppies

Bear and Cassie at 6 months old.

Hi Jennett -- I haven't touched base in a while but all is well with Sonic.  I've attached a couple of pics from the last couple of weeks.  I'm happy to report that we have all made it one year!  

As you can see, he loves the water.  Sometimes I will look out the window and see him sitting on the ledge in the pool by himself.  My son adores him and they hang out together a lot.  Sonic makes a very nice pillow.  He also loves to put his name tag in his mouth as he is in the pictures on the bed.  Funny dog!

He is a great family dog and well loved.

I hope all is well with you and yours.

Hi Jennett,
 It's Yvette...just wanted to send you a picture of my baby Trooper.  He is 8 months old and I couldn't be happier.  I love him so much.  He goes with me everywhere and I love it.  He loves the water, so I bought him a pool to stay cool.
We are in Palm Springs so I rented a dog friendly house so he could come with us.  We are here for a week and he is in heaven.
I hope your doing well and I will send more pics.
Yvette Nikoui-Smith
Trooper - 12 weeks - Kai's pup

Hi Jennett,

I just wanted to let you know how much we love Trooper!  He is such a blessing and a much needed piece of happiness we needed.  He is such a happy guy and I love being with him.  Of course my family says I hog him....of course what part of "he is my baby" did anyone not understand?

Trooper is longer and a  bit taller now.  I have told my kids that in a couple of weeks he is going to be to big to carry.  He loves our little dog Sheriff...the two of them are great friends.  The other three aren't too interested in him.  He is doing very well with potty training and his crate.  We took him for his second set of shots and everyone loved him!!  They couldn't believe how big his paws are.  They also said he should be on the cover of a dog calendar he is so pretty.  

I hope all is well with you and your family.  I will send better pictures of Trooper so you can see how beautiful he is. 

Thank you for everything you have done for us....we love Trooper and couldn't be happier!


Sadie and Baron pup at 18 weeks old

Hi Jennett,

Hope you are doing well and the chocolate littler turned out well.  Just wanted to share a picture of Ryley and wish you a Merry Christmas.  We are sure loving our Ryley girl.  She is so smart and we think she is so much like her mother as you said when we picked her up back in October.  She loves the water so much.  We even named her similar to Sadie's name because she loves the water.  My how she grows fast!  She was 30 lbs at the vet two weeks ago!

Thank you so much again, she has brought so much joy into our household!

Best Regards,

Tracy Martin

Way to go Koa! Received his CGC
Congratulations to Koa! He earned his CGC at 8 months old. Great Job! We are so proud.

Notes from Happy Puppy Families!

Aspen - Mt. Rubdioux, California

Good Morning Jennett! Here are our latest pics of Aspen. We absolutely LOVE him! He's fun, well-mannered (most of the time ; )), entertaining, and soooo loveable. The Herrera children enjoy playing with him and are working hard on also training him to take commands from them. We are all enjoying our newest addition to the family. Thank you for him... and for making yourself available to assist me with recommendations throughout his diet changes and training.  
 Thank you once again for all of your guidance and support! You're a wonderful breeder! We feel quite fortunate to have found you.
~Sujana Herrera~ 

Aspen 6 months old.

Goldie - Baron and Sadie puppy


Just wanted to say that Sunshine (Goldie) is doing well. She is in her crate at night for about 7 hours with no accidents. She’s had one accident in the house so far. She and Hershey get along pretty well so far. Hershey plays rough, so we are constantly monitoring them when they are together. I have attached a photo of them together.

Shelley McGlinchey .

We LOVE our boy!!!  Koa Parker is the epitome of Labrador Retrievers.  He is gorgeous, smart, healthy and very loving.  He plays and is house broken.  He is awesome!  We could not be happier with our purchase.  As for the breeder, she is even better.  What a wonderful wealth of information, compassion and professionalism.  Harlow’s retrievers is a breeder who is worth more than words can express.

The Pina Family

Koa pictured below.


This is just a note to tell you how happy we are with our puppy Sammy. She is an amazing dog and we all love her so much! She has been very easy to train and she was basically housebroken when we brought her home in April. She is such a fun addition to our family and I can't thank-you enough for the great care you provided to her before we brought her home.

Attached is a recent picture of her with our boys. She loves her playmates!

The Miller Family

Sammy pictured below.

Hi Jennett!

Nelly is great! She has the cutest/funniest personality! We have been enjoying watching her as she grows. Just recently she has become quite the little swimmer and she is such a cuddle bug when she is tired. All in all, we are absolutely in love with her and couldn't have asked for a better puppy! Let me know if you want me to send you more pictures, we have tons!
Thanks again! Hope all is well!


 Nelly pictured below.


All of our dogs have been OFA/PRA/CNM/EIC tested

AKC - American Kennel Club